Continental Tide successfully deploys next generation WAVE application

mackinaw webContinental Tide’s team of six engineers and electricians recently completed the groom and testing of the USCGC Mackinaw (WLBB-30) Integrated Propulsion Plant Switchgear system utilizing the next generation WAVE (Workflow, Assessment, Verification & Evaluation) tablet application.

Developed by Continental Tide engineers, the WAVE application allowed the team to have all necessary technical documentation available for assessment and grooming at the Point of Performance. “Every two-person team had a tablet and I had the master tablet. The tablets were synchronized twice a day and the information was caught up so every team member and the Coast Guard could see it,” said Continental Tide Program Manager Edward Kabak.

“The application operation was seamless, efficient and greatly contributed to the early completion of the initiative,” he said. 

In addition to the benefits of the application, Kabak praised the quality of his crewmembers and the cooperation from the Coast Guard and said that all of these factors contributed in making the project run more efficiently. The application allowed the team to produce a PDF file that looks identical to the previous paper reports, but also allowed them to trend data and compare it to past groom readings and results.

Typing comments into each section using the WAVE application tool helped avoid handwriting and spelling issues resulting in a much neater report. Carrying the tablet was much more conducive to the shipboard environment as each tablet was outfitted with a rugged Lifeproof case to avoid any potential damage. The tool also allowed for more standardized reporting since the electricians were entering values and units that were built into the application. Kabak said other versions of the application automatically calculate values.

Daily scheduling of tasks was done directly through the tablet, providing each Continental Tide team member with all of the information they needed for each task, including how to find each piece of equipment, how to perform each procedure, and any reference materials related to the equipment.

“I firmly believe that the more information you can give your electricians, the better they can do the job because they can think while they are out there and don’t have to run and get more information,” Kabak said. “It doesn’t do the work for you, but it helps you work more efficiently. After that, it’s up to the people doing the work to complete the job.”

Continental Tide is responsible for all In-Service Engineering Agent duties including the performance of the generators and maintaining the entire electrical system. This includes the yearly grooming effort which involves opening, inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing and cleaning all electrical system components across the entire cutter. For more information about the WAVE application or any Continental Tide products or services please call 484-577-4070.

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